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Thread: Three months on...

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    Three months on...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Well, three months on with my Makin Maver Marte, paired with my Macap M4 and I must say, Im still as happy as a pig in the proverbial...

    This machine is such a joy to use - I rarely pull a bad shot, even though I could seriously do with some good training one day to hone my skills (Im sure there must be a more time efficient way to tamp, but at least Im consistent!).

    The temperature stability is great and requires very, very little flushing. It steams like Puffing Billy and it looks seriously good to boot - so much so that I look at most other hxs and think that they arent a scratch on my Maver (with the exception of the GPP).

    Some people say that the water wand is too long, but I think its an advantage because I find it reduces splashing as I can put it right into the cup/glass.

    It is extremly easy to get a great microfoam, but I have a two hold tip on it I have to admit.

    Overall, its a brilliant machine and I wouldnt upgrade in a second - thanks again to Chris from Talk Coffee for talking me into this machine and Luca for giving it the thumbs up and makin (yok) up my mind for me: I seriously couldnt be happier!



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    Re: Three Months On...

    Its great when your find a premium set up thats fully meets your requirements. Enjoy !


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