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Thread: Hey from the new guy,

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    Hey from the new guy,

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    I dont have a decent machine yet!
    I have a Delongi fully automatic. Im so sick of bad coffee its not funny anymore.

    My problem is I live in Townsville so the try before you by method is not really practical. So I thought Id jump in at the deep end and go for GPP.
    I will also need a grinder. High on the list for the grinder is quietness.
    Ive read on these posts that the M4 is quiet compared to the mini Mazzer. What are your recommendations for a good quiet grinder.

    I believe Coffee Dominion will be able to service any machine locally. However, if I purchase a set up from one of the sponsors will you be prepared to offer extensive telephone support?

    Im sure Ill have more questions soon.

    Thanks in advance.

    Keef ;o)

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    Re: Hey from the new guy,

    Welcome Keef.... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    Have a squiz through these threads to get an idea of sort of hardware can be obtained..... :)

    Espresso Machines...


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    Re: Hey from the new guy,

    Hi Keef,
    I, too, live in TSV. My current machine (GPP) and grinder were purchased from site sponsor Talk Coffee, as was my previous machine (VBM). To date, the distance has not proven to be an issue. All of my questions and concerns answered promptly. There is also a bucket load of information on this forum with respect to GPP FAQs.

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    Re: Hey from the new guy,

    Hi Keef and welcome,

    We have shipped quite a few machines up your way and would be very happy to assist. We have a special offer on GPP and Macap for September which may be of interest.

    These are simple and massively reliable machines and in time, you may wish to perform routine service yourself. There is a bloke not too far from you who can service your machine. With warranty service (very unlikely), wed refer you on to him and pick up the tab. Either way, we are never more than a call away.

    You are most welcome to make contact if youd like furhter information.



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