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Thread: Newbie looking for advice

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    Newbie looking for advice

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi Im just new tonight to CS. Ive had a Gaggia Classic *for 6-7 years and MDF Grinder for about 3 years and its time to upgrade. Im keen to hear from anyone thats made the jump to the next level. Im considering Giotto Premium Plus and was hoping to stick with the MDF grinder. Any suggestions welcome. Because of where we live we often have visitors on the weekend and Im finding the Gaggia a little slow when making more than 2 cups! I want to be able to sit and enjoy my coffee also!!

    Not sure Ive posted this in the right spot!!

    Thanks :)

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    Re: Newbie looking for advice

    The GPP is a good machine and has lots of followers here. It is usually paired with something like the Mini Mazzer or Macap M4.

    I suspect your grinder will not be a quality match with the Giotto, although I have no direct experience with it.

    Im sure someone with MDF experience will be along shortly.


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    Re: Newbie looking for advice

    Hi YV,

    While you might get by with the MDF, you will be quite some way away from the best coffee out of your machine. If you can budget for an upgrade, do it.

    In my experience, clients who head out with a new and much better machine thinking that they will make do with an inferior grinder are usually disappointed and purchase a new grinder in the next few weeks.

    You will easily find a buyer for your old grinder or you may wish to assign it to decaf or plunger duties.

    Happy shopping ;)


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    Re: Newbie looking for advice

    I agree with Chris.

    I have an MDF whuich I purchased 2nd hand from a CSer to replace a messy Sunbeam EM0450.

    I use it at work with a Sunbeam 6910.

    Its a great little grinder but theres no way Id consider using it with my Expobar at home, when Ive got a Macap M5 to do justice to the machine.

    I suggest you sell the MDF and put the proceeds towards a better grinder.

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    Re: Newbie looking for advice

    Hi YV, welcome to CS.

    A fine machine like the Giotto deserves to be matched up to a grinder of similar quality. Although I have quite a naive palate, I noticed a huge difference in shot quality when going from a $200 Sunbeam grinder to a $750 Compak grinder.

    Do yourself a favour and get in touch with one of our Melbourne sponsors such as Talk Coffee. You may even want to take your MDF grinder with you so you can compare for yourself the difference a grinder can make in the end result.

    The Giotto is up around the $3K mark. There are some excellent machines around the $2500 mark e.g. Diadema Regal which would free up enough money for something like the Compak K3T.

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    Re: Newbie looking for advice

    Thanks for your advice Im going to also make an appointment with Chris at Talk Coffee to discuss options further with him.

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    Re: Newbie looking for advice

    From one noobie to another ;) I also had naive intention to keep my original grinder and put $$ towards a better machine.

    Whilst many in forums as per here strongly advise to invest in the grinder, for me this was confirmed after spending an hour or so with Chris @ Talking Coffee today. It was obvious is that a good, no really good grinder is the first stepping stone to making good coffee.

    We (well ok Chris!) pulled three shots from the same grind - with 3 very different outcomes (initial shot rather sour, final shot well balanced) and it was all based on slight tweak of the grind and dosage. Seeing (and more importantly, tasting) is believing!.

    I now am enlightened (but only beginning my journey of learning ;)) as to how a great grinder can really ensure you get the best out of a particular roast. That and a good technique, THEN a good machine would also help :)

    Good luck with your decision making.


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    Re: Newbie looking for advice

    Just want to let you all know that I did visit Chris at Talk Coffee and I walked out with a Giotto PP and Macap M5 grinder - very happy girl!! Oh and I think my husband thought it was all a bit of alright when I made him a coffee later that night. Thanks again to all I just need to master the milk texturing now..........practice makes perfect!! :)
    YV Latte

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