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Thread: User Induced Fault

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    User Induced Fault

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    I had an annoying problem with my LaCimbali M27 Start. It dropped the water temp of both extraction and hot water, and pressure recovery was also very slow. I bumped the boiler pressure slightly which made little difference. Thought maybe I had a calcium problem in the tank, but a quick check (removal of heater element) revealed nothing but a clean tank. However after re-installing heater element and priming the machine the problem had gone. After much head scratching I found I could actually blame my missus for the "fault". She had a crazy notion she should drink less coffee, so I no longer made her flat white at work, leaving the machine making long blacks exclusively. This resulted in non use of the steam wand, which allowed some sort of air pocket to establish in that area of the machine, so when boiler pressure said 1.2 bar most of it was just compressed air. Moral of the story, prime as per instructions; Hot Water + Group Heads + Steam Wand.

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    Re: User Induced Fault

    Good find Ento, may save someone else a headache!

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