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Thread: Repairing of my Faema S1/La Cimbali Junior (VIC)

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    Repairing of my Faema S1/La Cimbali Junior (VIC)

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    I lent my Faema S1 to a friend and even before they could use it, for some reason it kept tripping the power in their house. And when I got it back, it was doing the same thing as well. Also the water level gauge is faulty.

    Just wondering where I can send it for repair here in Victoria.

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    Re: Repairing of my Faema S1/La Cimbali Junior (VIC)

    Hi E-Gene;

    New sponsor 9bar espresso services should be able to help you, they are in Victoria.


    Di Bartoli Home Barista Centre.

    PS Otherwise let me know by pm I could give you a few names that people that we use but they are non sponsors

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