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Thread: Machine identification

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    Machine identification

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    Looking to try and identify a Commercial machine i am working on/with. All it hason the front is a label that says "Team2". I need to purchase some parts for it but am at aloss as to its brand. Its a 2 group with one steamerand one hot water outlet, an internal boiler and the group hads are fix with 3 allen ky bolts each nd it uses a viton group seal (busted at the moment) its hard to describe the machine as it looks lke a coffee machine I had a laugh...Any Ideas? i think it may just be a cheapo import but usually they even have a brand...Dont they???
    Thanks In advance......Will try and get a pic on the weekend when im near the machine.

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    Re: Machine identification


    Can you supply a picture, I may be able to direct you to the parts for that machines. Most parts are common unless they are special diameter seals or control boards/ electronics.

    If it was imported by an opportunist retailer or importer, this is a problem. I only wish that if any one decided to import machines into this country also bring spare parts. Any way let me know if I can be of any help.


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