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Thread: Minore II cant read temperature anymore!

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    Minore II cant read temperature anymore!

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    Yesterday my Minore II started making a clicking noise so my wife came and got me to have a look. It was switching the "call for brew heat" on and off over and over. Then it started registering all sorts of weird temperatures. I flushed the brew boiler, the steam boiler to refill both boilers, and found the temperature readings getting even worse, it was showing up at 34c at one point but the boiler was running so hot that pretty much only steam was coming through the group. I turned the machine off for an hour or so to cool down in the hope it had just over heated the controller. When turning the machine back on all seemed fine but alas after a minute or two it returned to its incoherent state.

    I am writing this with a terrible caffeine withdrawal. This morning the machine heated the steam boiler perfectly but once again the erratic temperature readings continued with even negative figures being displayed. What can I do? Im feeling so disappointed with the machine as its only 9 months old and I have treated it like a new born baby(I should have bought the giotto)!

    Ill be going to see Renso soon as I can, unless Im overreacting and there is a simple and quick fix.

    Please Help? Thanks

    Jono *:(

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    Re: Minore II cant read temperature anymore!

    I just pulled the cover off the machine to check the over temp breaker on the brew boiler and as I suspected it was tripped. I reset it and powered up the machine it seemed to be ok again, but then the problem came back.

    So I had a look around inside the machine only to discover that there was water at the bottom of the machine. Further investigation provided the answer to the problem, water has been leaking from the coupling behind the steam wand and dripping onto the temperature controller(there is dried water and muck on top of it).

    I guess Ill send it back to Expobar and ask for an upgrade to the PID on the Minore III. Ive nipped up the thread on the back of the steam wand but unfortunately the damage is already done. The quality control on this machine is terrible I had a similar problem on the other side(behind the hot water tap) a few months ago.

    I hope it can be fixed permanently, at least its still under warranty.

    thanks again.


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    Re: Minore II cant read temperature anymore!

    You know the cause so turn it off and leave it off Jono. I would hate to see your machine suffer further damage from overheating or void your warranty. I know you are probably hanging out for a coffee but I would wait to talk to Renzo before taking any more action. He may be able to easily replace the PID for you rather than having to return to Expobar.

    I wouldnt be regretting your purchase decision. There are plenty of happy Expobar users on CS

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