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Thread: Expobar Minore II - wiring effected by heat

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    Expobar Minore II - wiring effected by heat

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    Just had a question that I suppose can apply to any machine.

    I have had my Expobar for more than 2 years now. In that time Ive had 3 issues and they all have stemmed from the internals being adversely effected by the generated heat.

    The latest problem occurred last night. Turned the machine on, lights came on, pump ran for a short spurt and all looked fine. Went away to let it warm up. When I next looked at the machine about 10 minutes later, lights off. Checked reservoir, it was full. Sinking feeling begins.
    Unplugged and took cover off and had a look. There are 4 wires that lead to the on switch and one of them was so effected by heat, it had broken away from the connector and is brittle to the touch.

    Has anyone else had this kind of thing happen?
    Im worried that it is a problem that will re-occur on a regular basis.
    It seems that much of the wiring has heat insulation around it, certainly 2 of the 4 wires going to the switch do, but the ones with no insulation look like they will always be a candidate for failure.

    Anyone have thoughts? Or experience with similar issues?


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    Re: Expobar Minore II - wiring effected by heat

    YES and NO..

    Insulation protects more from external heat causing a problem..

    Where there is high load currents.... Then you usually get two types of heat related issues..


    A: The wiring gets hot and the insulation starts to break down
    B: Sometimes the wiring also starts to break down..

    Both of these point to the wiring as being under rated or Higher than expected loads ?


    A: The crimp / mechanical joins/connectors have a higher resistance and teh current dray develops a localised heat spot.. Usually resulting in brittle joints and vibration and or movement will cause a break..

    Guess what.. A picture tells a thousand words and in this situation... If it has not been played with.. The two symptoms are different enough to allow a level of confidence in making a call...

    Will wait to see what ya post...

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    Re: Expobar Minore II - wiring effected by heat

    Hi Bret
    I too have a Minore II of the same age, and yes had the same problem, the wire is the main supply, and feel it is not heavy enough to supply the current hence has got hot at the connection and eventually failed, there was enough slack that I could cut out the brittle wire and reconnect, next time it fails I will need to replace the mains lead, rest of the wiring seems to handle the load.

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