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Thread: Help needed by coffeeless lunatic wanting lever

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    Help needed by coffeeless lunatic wanting lever

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all. First post.

    Just when I thought the penny dropped on what machine to buy I read another review, opinion, blog or an in and out of love experience *and Im back where I started.

    First off I was going to wrap my arms around a Semi-auto Elektra (when its off) and never let it go - How things can change from one extreme to the other.

    I met on the web, La Pavoni and its friend Savinelli or Zacconi or Riviera or whatever its called in Oz and the McLeva. Apparently lever machines can engender extraordinary loyalty and oneness in the quest for a great shot. For eight long years I have lived with a cantankerous, unreliable, eyewateringly expensive to service Nivola, whos idea of a great shot looks like a squeeze out an Earl grey tea bag.

    Enough! I want a lever (or maybe the lektra S-A :)). The industria smallness look of the Pro Pavonis really appeal to me as does the retro chrominess of the eagly McLeva and Savinellis. And I want to learn how to make great shots with that luscious chocolatey crema that I get from a propa barista person.

    So my brain is here and my wifes gone out because shes sick of hearing about it. A Pavoni set with grinder and base for around $1700, a Savinelli set for around $1800 or the McLeva for about the same.

    I think Ive learnt this, but being indecisive Im not so sure:

    1. Spring levers give great crema when you are at one with your beloved machine.

    2. Piston levers are more crema consistant when you are not at one with the damn thing.

    3. Pavoni good at microfrothiness frothability.

    4. The Pavoni is only 5.5kg and therefore you run the risk of it shooting off the bench like a hocky puck if you dont hang on with both hands whilst pulling your shot (?!). Thin pressed base not cast.

    5. The McLeva is double the Pavonis weight and build quality is superior. Microfroth ok. Nicer eagle.

    6. Savinelli looks good, has spring extraction like McLeva and weighs about the same but cant find much else about the thing. Eagle ok.

    7. Getting extra info from an on-line store that has all three products is like sucking coffee beans through a straw...and you cant see the machines before hand. Im just not used to that. Buying an espresso machine should be a highly personal and emotional experience.

    So thar ya go. Nivola dead, me a gibbering idiot cos I got no way to make a fix in the morning and Im still not sure which machine to call baby. *Is there anybody in Melbourne that would let me look at their Pavoni Pro, Savinelli/Zacconi/riviera or Elektra ? All three in the one house would be nice.

    Now wheres that plunger thingo....... ?

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    Re: Help needed by coffeeless lunatic wanting lever

    Heres another one how about a Ponte Vecchio Lusso, Sorrentina might still have one up for sale Here

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    Re: Help needed by coffeeless lunatic wanting lever

    Good luck mate.

    Fortunately for my sanity eagles dont match the decor--and the dragons scare them off, so I went for a modern style.


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