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Thread: HELP Saeco 5P Topazio Expresso

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    HELP Saeco 5P Topazio Expresso

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    We live 300 km from help and no one is open today!!!!
    We want to use the dammed thing tomorrow for the Australia Day breakfast we are running.

    And yes I know it is sacrilege to be talking vending machines on this site but this machine is operated by a committee, none of whom know a thing about how a good coffee is made!!!! I’ve gone for the option that met the budget and the skills of the users!!!

    We bought the machine 2 weeks ago, brand new, and it is programmed to make Italian type coffee e.g. espresso, espresso double shot macchiato etc. I need, for the masses, Cappuccino, latte and long black. I have no idea what ratios of what to put in the programmes. Is there anyone out there who can quickly…..easily……. give me those numbers so that I can them program into my machine. If I had more time I could experiment and work out the quantity, [that’s if I could understand the values!!!!]

    I have contacted all the numbers listed on the Saeco site [and quit a few others] but everyone seems to have closed for the day giving there workers a ‘long weekend’


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    Re: HELP Saeco 5P Topazio Expresso

    Quote Originally Posted by 0C263322180F282B2A2234470 link=1264377638/0#0 date=1264377637
    I have no idea what ratios of what to put in the programmes.
    Hi Kate.

    Take a deep breath.
    Thats the first thing you need to do; I used to work at a help desk - trust me.

    Ratios of what?
    What does the machine ask for when you try to program it?
    Exact message would be appreciated.

    Im not saying I can help, but with as much detail as possible, hopefully a CS will sort it out for you.

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