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Thread: ECM Giotto Premium Overnight

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    ECM Giotto Premium Overnight

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Folks I have just got me a shiny new Giotto and am wondering about the pack down of this beast after use. I have read about using timer switches to make sure it is up to temp in the morning but my question is about the boiler. Do i need to drain it every night? can i just empty and clean the resavior and leave the tank full for the next use?

    Tips on what you guys do would be great.

    Also just curiously, I ground some beans in a Ditting with new blades at #3 (Im saving for a grinder i promise) to christian my machine, it seems they are far to course (i left the machine for 40 mins to reach temp so it is not this). It just ran out with very little pre-infusion. Im not a bad coffee maker (not amazing but decent) and can make a decent cup on a commercial machine with out problem in my tamp technique. This is the grind recomended to me by the roasters so im a little confused. Could it be the crappy plastic tamper giving me grief?

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    Re: ECM Giotto Premium Overnight

    Check with who you bought it from, but I just turn mine off.
    i.e. I dont empty the tank or the boiler.

    #3 might be a starting point but never go by numbers; all grinders are different.
    Obviously 3 is too course so start going finer until its right.

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    Re: ECM Giotto Premium Overnight

    As TG said, just turn it off.

    I have the same machine and my basic maintenance protocol is:

    1. After each coffee making session I:
    Flush the group with some water to get rid of grinds stuck to the shower screen
    Use a group brush to get any more grinds left on the shower screen or group gasket
    Wipe with a damp cloth
    Rinse the group handle and basket under water and wipe basket

    2. After the last coffee making session of the day I:
    Backflush 2-3 times with water (no detergent)
    Empty the drip tray and wipe clean
    Wipe the machine clean with a microfibre cloth

    3. Every 2 weeks I:
    Remove the water resevoir and wash in dish detergent, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.
    Backflush twice with Cafetto detergent.
    Backflush with water until no suds come out.
    Pour a shot and discard it (to ensure no detergent residue in my coffee)
    Soak baskets and group handles in Cafetto (find I dont need any scrubbing, just wipe to get like new again)

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    Re: ECM Giotto Premium Overnight

    Thanks guys this is great info. Im off to buy a decent tamper today and try some coffee that is finer still. Hoping for a good cup today :)

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    Re: ECM Giotto Premium Overnight

    Nice procedure Caffeine Junky. Thanks for all the detail.

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