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Thread: LaCimbali JR D help??

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    LaCimbali JR D help??

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    I searched but didnt find my problem Ive had this machine for 10 years and rebuilt it once. Its awesome but lately Im experiencing a problem at start up. It turns on fine and gets hot and the pressure gauge bulds up to where it should be but theres no pressure to speak of.. . as soon as i open the steam wand valve it purges a bit of steam and the gauge immediately drops to zero and i can then hear the heating element and pressure starts to build. In about 5 minutes all is well and it continues to work well . the key clues here are no pressure until i open the steam wand. Its almost like an air lock or air bubble in the system. Its getting progressively worse with time. it used to only do it once a month. any ideas that might help me troubleshoot this?? thanks guys

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    Re: LaCimbali JR D help??

    your anti vac valve is sticking, you can open the top and press it back in but they only cost aout +- $12 to replace and yo might find it now will stick a lot, maybe take it out and descale / clean it, but i reckon the oring in it might be old @ 10 years.

    goggle "anti vac" it *should look like this, maybe next to the pressure relief valve

    I call the problem "false pressure" on my machine i turn it on an leave the steam wand open in the morning. When i hear *it gurgling and a bit of steam i just shut the steam off then i hear the sari go "click" and its happy days :) maybe i should spend the $12... I had a laugh i am cheap


    PS I am assuming your machine has one of these, but i reckon it will.....

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    Re: LaCimbali JR D help??


    I recon ya 100% on the money I had a laugh.

    Ps. Spend the 12 :-)

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