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Thread: portafilter spout loose

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    portafilter spout loose

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    Just a quick question. The thread on my double portafilter spout has loosened after two weeks use, so that when I tighten it - it sits 90 degrees out of sync (ie when portafilter locked in spouts sit North-South instead of East-West).

    Its not a big deal, but slightly annoying. Is there a simple fix? I was thinking some white plumbers tape might work, or putting it in a vice and trying to tighten it another half rotation - but then it might never come off or possibly break ?

    Another website recommended fibre washers???

    I can also just take it off, but that stops me from making two coffees at once.

    Any ideas ?

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    Re: portafilter spout loose

    i just take it off, everyone gets a double risteretto at my place :)

    i only drink one coffee at a time :D

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    Re: portafilter spout loose

    You should be OK with the white plumbers tape. Theres also a pink one you can get thats thicker/requires less. Thats what I used when I replaced my spout on my VBM pf...but it rarely gets used as I mainly go naked...with my pf that is ;D

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