After fiddling with o-rings to try and stop a slight leak from the steam arm/valve of my BZ99, I was about to search for some hi-temp food grade grease when I came across the following item in Di Bartolis web site

Yep, you can have a ball joint steam arm on your old *BZ99, BZ02, BZ35, BZ40 *:D. The only downside is that the extra length (added by the adapter required to fit the ball arm to the steam valve) means that 600ml jugs are pretty much the largest size that can be fitted with the standard machine legs (at least on my BZ99). That said, I never steam anything larger so it doesnt really affect me.

I comes with a very nice 3 hole steam tip that pretty much generates the "whirlpool" automatically.

Fitting is a bit fiddly on the BZ99 as I had to remove the steam valve, put the adapter in the steam arm hole and then replace the steam valve before screwing on the adapter from below. Final tightening had to be done via the ball socket housing (after screwing this on to the adapter, of course) due to the lack of access from above. You could well be able to replace the steam valve with one that doesnt require the adapter but that would just add extra cost.

Thanks to Ofra and the other staff at Di Bartoli for stocking this item and especially for their wonderful service.

Greg *:)