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Thread: Rotary pump VS Vibration pump (expobar)

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    Rotary pump VS Vibration pump (expobar)

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    Hi all,

    I was just wondering the difference, both technically and practically, between the same machine but with one fitted with a vibe pump and one with a rotary.

    Im looking at an expobar minore III and i would really prefer a plumbed in version. i noticed that the plumbed version has a rotary pump and the water tank version has a vibration pump... so which is better and why??

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Rotary pump VS Vibration pump (expobar)

    Both pumps work well
    I also just upgraded to a plumbed in small commercial machine

    Reason is
    Its a lot quieter
    I feel the rotary pump delivers better water pressure regulation

    But as I said above the vibe pump will handle the task


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    Re: Rotary pump VS Vibration pump (expobar)

    I love rotary, fully plumbed. Like KK I have a small commercial HX 1grp in the kitchen.

    I have no idea if its "any better", but i like it.

    I hope never to have to go tanked again.

    But thats me, only my opinion

    there is a downside for renters, plumbing can be a pain if you cannot drill a hole or two etc


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    Re: Rotary pump VS Vibration pump (expobar)

    If its of any use......i wish mine was plumbed, i really do, But i wouldnt replace it to get a plumbed machine.....if that makes sense, if i had the choice around the same price id do it ;)

    PS $1000 extra at time of purchase for the Giotto, so no, not a chance :(

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    Re: Rotary pump VS Vibration pump (expobar)

    cool thanks for the replies...
    getting it plumbed isnt an issue, and for the minoreIII i think its around 500 extra for the rotary plumbed so its stomachable...

    anyone know any practical advantages for a rotary pump?

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    Re: Rotary pump VS Vibration pump (expobar)

    never running our of water
    never filling a water tank
    peace and quiet
    never cleaning out the water tank
    plumb it out too and never really think about waste

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    Re: Rotary pump VS Vibration pump (expobar)

    Hi Snobs,
    * * * * * * *the best thing about running plumbed in is that *replacing the inline filters for scale and general particulate matter is a really simple job . *Write the installation date on the filters , and change them at the recommended interval , and the Expobar will be happily watered ! (descaling boilers is never pretty!)

    Technically the rotary pump (std Procon that is most often used ) has a much greater flow rate - than the Ulka ,Eaton and Fluidtech vibration pumps ( thats *the extra energy input of the larger motor of the rotary pump reflected in delivery volume ) *


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    Re: Rotary pump VS Vibration pump (expobar)

    Also with a rotary if you want or need to at any stage you can readjust the pressure reg and go to an underbench tank should you need too.

    Dont forget to allow for (generally 350kpa) inlet pressure reg before the pump and good filtration when working out costs. Along with the initial cost increases of the rotary there is $2-500 worth of other bits used depending on what you do.

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