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Thread: Rancilio S27 wiring

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    Rancilio S27 wiring

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    I have a problem with the control wiring from the touch pad to control board atleast two cores have breaks in them. Can anyone tell me where I can source cable (6 and 2 core preferably silicone for heat resistance) and the plugs. Any help would be great. Please see photos[img][/img]

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    Re: Rancilio S27 wiring

    j=car or maybe CoffeeParts a sponsor over there to teh left...

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    Re: Rancilio S27 wiring

    We now have a few sponsors that do maintainence as a large bit of their work that may have or know of a machine graveyard :) Also try Mocopan, they used to supply and service a heap of Rancilio machines and may have the loom available? As to silicone cable, Jaycar, Radio Parts, etc or for small bits in generally red or black it is used in electric powered Model aircraft so if you have a local hobby shop try there.

    good luck :)

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