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Thread: The next step up!

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    The next step up!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have owned a SB EM6910 for 3 yrs and it due for its first major repair. Instead of the repair I am considering an upgrade to whatever is the next step up. Initially, I considered getting a Rancillio SILVIA but it seems that this forum considers it a bit slow for making back to back milk based coffees.

    My SB was used only on weekends making 6 -10 cups (milk based) in sets of two. When friends come over I get perpetual requests for cups ... so I would appreciate my next machine being limited only my speed (not that of the machine) and capable of steaming enough milk for two flat whites in one jug (with the SB I could only ever get good milk texture in a 300ml jug; hence, I had to steam twice to make two FWs) and then doing it all over again without delay.

    So the question is what is the next step up from the EM6910 and SILVIA?

    My budget would be 2-2.5k.

    Also, I am a bit confused about the differences/advantages between double boilers and HX machines; hence, any advice would be appreciated.

    NB: I already have a Eureka (Conti Valerio) MCI grinder to go with what ever machine is suggested.

    Kind regards,

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    Re: The next step up!

    Hi Yorgous, it definitely sounds like you want an HX or dual boiler machine so dont bother with the Silvia. Your budget certainly gives a fair bit of choice of some quality equipment.

    A dual boiler has 2 separate boilers, one for steam and one for coffee. as far as I know there is only one machine available in your price range - Expobar Minore III. Very popular machine with built-in PID control.

    A HX machine has one boiler but the design allows you to steam & brew at the same time.

    There is a good explanation between the 2 types on this link (its a commercial link but overseas and do not sell to oz, so hopefully this is ok with mods)

    HX machines you may want to consider include:

    Diadema Regal
    Expobar Leva
    VBM Domobar Jr
    Isomac Tea
    Isomac Millenium
    Bezerra BZ07
    Bezerra BZ99
    Wega Mini Nova
    Shuttle (?? new machine, waiting on some reviews)
    Nuova Simonelli Oscar (Cheapest option)

    Im sure there are others which could be added to the list, particurlarly some more expensive machines which you may be aqble to get cheaper as an ex-demo.

    Best bet is to get in touch with one of our many fine sponsors.

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    Re: The next step up!

    I am also in the same boot 2k limit.was going to get an Oscar but i thought i would wait for the Shuttle review ???????????.I did a home barista course using Oscar and Expobar Office Lever,both good machines

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    Re: The next step up!

    Quote Originally Posted by 35302323343D626969510 link=1273589063/2#2 date=1273606298
    I am also in the same boot 2k limit.was going to get an Oscar but i thought i would wait for the Shuttle review ???????????.I did a home barista course using Oscar and Expobar Office Lever, both good machines
    All in good time Darrel,

    I have around 70 pix for Luca and fatboy. Id think you may see something in a week or two...

    The machine goes to Luca on Friday


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    Re: The next step up!

    Thanks everyone!

    I also found the Shuttle on a sponser link and I am interested in how it rates and what $ are involved.

    Also, there seems to be many variants on the Diadema Junior (extra, plus, leva etc). Is the Regal, as suggested above, the budget one in the range or is it the Junior; and what are the differences.

    Kind regards,

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    Re: The next step up!

    Have a look around the site sponsors websites on the left <----------

    They have a lot of info and specs on all the machines, wed just be checking there ourselves anyway to type it here in this post ;D

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