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Thread: Descaling VBM:DS properly

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    Descaling VBM:DS properly

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    Howdy, I know there is a general opinion here that we shouldnt descale at home, and we should go and get a sponsor to do it for us. If you dont mind, even if you dont recommend it, is there someone here that can give some general guidelines on how to do it anyway? at my own risk? This kind of stuff I get really interested in and like to learn how to do myself, just like I service my own car. I dont mean to cheating the vital CS sponsors out of well deserved income; I have bought the machine and all associated parts, as well as various cleaning and descaling solutions from the sponsers. Also, I cant seem to find any espresso machine service centres in Wollongong, and Id prefer to take it to a sponsor or a place that is well familiar with my machine - none appear to be down here :(

    I have used several different types of descaler (from citric acid to bombora triple action) in my VBM:DS following the 1stline instructions that Randy wrote. That seems like a kind of home machine way to do it; you dont really have to take anything apart, and flushing the descaler out requires constantly filling and emptying the tank, and it took like a million hours before the water was normal tasting again, and I had to take a break every few minuts of flushing because the poor little vice pump in the VBM:DS was getting very very hot.

    edit: The reason I want to do it properly is because I originally left it way to long to descale, and now there are always bits of scale through the machine. Ive descaled about 6 times thinking I had more and more scale, but ive notice that after each pull I can take out the mushroom, and theres all sedimenty scale all through it, in the seals and clogging little holes here and there. Its affecting my machines ability to idle at a normal temperature, and I want to get rid of all that pesky scale once and for all!

    I want to do a proper shop type descaling, like a pro would. I imagine this would be a more inolved process, maybe involve removing the boiler and filling it up to soak separately or something. Or perhaps priming the whole machine with descaler, resting, then disassembling and rinsing out the bits completely and separately (as opposed to flushing it out, which is really just diluting it a million times over. The other parts? Im not sure... but thats why I decided to try and ask here :) Is this something someone is willing to share?

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    Re: Descaling VBM:DS properly

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