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Thread: Single basket fluke or genius?

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    Single basket fluke or genius?

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    So my wonderful wife asks for a single because she has to go early to the Opera. Before I think and as though by some divine guidance I had picked up the spare GH, loaded the single basket (used to hold my Pullman Tamper) gone to work. Three clicks finer on the Rocky, grinds just below the line on the basket, tamp as per usual and... wait for it... a 25 second God shot with no blonding! :o Wife is very fussy and loved it as her flat white. I had to taste to be sure and it was really good. Beans (Yirg just on 2nd crack) about 7 days post Behmore and the cat was on the eastern side of the lounge room. I dont like my chances of ever recreating this moment but will try. Comments people? My only thought as I looked for somewhere new to place the tamper was... Is there anything that these Pullman Tampers cant achieve... but perhaps the position of the cat was also key to the achievement???

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    Re: Single basket fluke or genius?

    Quote Originally Posted by 3F2F3829296F6E6D656A6E5D0 link=1275016301/0#0 date=1275016301
    I dont like my chances of ever recreating this moment but will try.
    If youve done it once Brett you can do it again. ;)

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    Re: Single basket fluke or genius?

    Mathematically, the chances of achieving this fluke again, are identical.
    But just in case, Id be placing that cat carefully.

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