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Thread: Buying on Payment plans in BNE

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    Buying on Payment plans in BNE

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hello All,

    Sadly I fine myself in a bit of a predicament at the moment in that my current machine has an ever increasing list of problems that need attention. * As *a result I am looking to buy a new machine.

    This time however, I would like to purchase a machine of higher quality such as the Rocket Giotto Premium

    My question is this, where would I be able to purchase this machine in Brisbane using *GE credit or a similar payment plan??

    I have contacted major retailers such as Harvey normans and good guys etc but have found that whilst they do not sell this those machines off the shelves, they are also unable to order in either. *I have searched the net but have found very little in the way of companies offering payment plans.

    Given the rather high (and in many cases justified) asking prices for so many machines I do find it odd that suppliers are not trying to support sales by introducing Attractive payment plan options.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Buying on Payment plans in BNE

    Hi Dave,

    Many companies such as GoGetta and Silverchef provide funding for business purchases of >$2k. You need an ABN to do this...

    Alternately, the right credit card allows you to develop your own payment plan ;)

    As i understand, if you want to pay huge interest, you can call GE finance directly and they will finance whatever you want if you jump through their hoops.


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    Re: Buying on Payment plans in BNE

    Thanks for the reply.

    Sadly I do not have an ABN, the machine is purely for personal use.

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    Re: Buying on Payment plans in BNE

    Not wishing to be repetitive or state the obvious, but you have 2 payment plan options at your disposal as a private citizen:

    a) credit card, GET IT NOW, & pay off as you wish and
    b) Lay Buy, GET IT AFTER ITS PAID OFF, & would be hard to find someone that would go more than say a 4 month term.

    Pros and Cons:

    a) credit card, most people already have one, no more forms or guarantees to complete, get it now, pay as you like, BUT pay a high rate of interest (and you wouldnt on one of those department store plans????? ;);

    b) *Lay Buy, no credit references or guarantees etc required, you dont get it til after you finish paying off, not available on all types of equipment *(through us, only on our own imports) BUT, you dont pay any interest.

    We have plenty of clients prepared to wait who take the Lay Buy option. The psychological value in it for both parties, is the client really wants the equipment so tries to expedite the payment plan as much as they can.

    Works for us.

    very first CS site sponsor.

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    Re: Buying on Payment plans in BNE

    i dont condone spending outside your means......

    but if someone does choose to use a Credit card and cannot pay it off the balance when due you should take advantage of a

    0% balance transfer for 6 months credit card

    choose a card with a $0 annual fee (not many of those but a few)

    you then effectively have *an interest free loan for 6 months......

    it has downsides, by applying for credit it goes on your credit record... not a bad thing but to many Ccards is not good. It lowers your ability to borrow more money (eg house loan) dramatically if you have high credit card debt (or even possible debt) or any other sort of loan you may need or want unless of course you have MEGA BUCKS $$$$ *:D.

    If you have a credit card now you cannot pay off you should do this ASAP to save yourself interest... and in 6 months have still not paid it off you should apply for another in a different bank. Dont be a fool with money by giving to someone else for no reason.... move banks.

    note# this is not financial advise * i have been drinking..... you figure it out

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    Re: Buying on Payment plans in BNE

    Quote Originally Posted by 6A666F62626B070 link=1278487375/4#4 date=1278503599
    i have been drinking..... you figure it out

    hahahahahahahahahahaha ;D you just made my day!


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