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Thread: Brugnetti Simona Top - Water Hose Configuration?

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    Brugnetti Simona Top - Water Hose Configuration?

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    I believe Ive set up my new water hoses in the wrong configuration. Ive looked at the manual, but am unable to read properly.
    Would you be able to help me with finding the correct configuration.

    Ive attached 2 pics illustrating the current improper? config.

    There are three hoses I have replaced - all same size.
    I have two hoses going into the water tank. One has a filter screen on the end, and this hose goes to a device on the top left on the machine(Im not sure what this device is?)
    The second hose, with no filter screen, goes from the tank to the Ulka pump. The third hose goes from the 2nd port port on the top left device(same device as first hose is plugged into) to the "T" metal/braided hose connection in the middle of the machine, behind the group.

    I ran the machine and get steam out of the wand and I also get hot water out of the group, but it quickly starts beeping, but is not low on water in the tank.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Re: Brugnetti Simona Top - Water Hose Configuration?

    1: Update ya profile so that people know where ya located..

    2: Host the manual / drawings on a file sharing site..

    As unless some one has teh same machine... The pics mean little to others.

    Also it could be a level sense issue..

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    Re: Brugnetti Simona Top - Water Hose Configuration?

    An old issue, but how did you sort it out. The hoses appear to be in the same (correct) configuration as my new (used) Simona Top. Did you forget to reconnect the sensor tabs at the back of the reservoir?

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