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Thread: Built-in automatic machine

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    Built-in automatic machine

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    Hi experts. I have a friend who is about to build a house and is looking to get a built-in automatic espresso machine. I have a manual machine and know you get the best coffee from manual machines, but is there any built-ins that are half decent? Hell be spending about $3K and Id hate to thing hed spend that much on something that gives him dirty-dishwater-flavoured coffee.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Built-in automatic machine

    There is certainnly a Lelit based based built in machine but from what I have seen they are around double the price of the Lelit bench combis :o Still going to be cheaper than most Auto built ins and deliver better coffee for less maintenance hassles later too.

    For 3k and a bit of bench space I know what I would be doing ;) Minore3 and a good grinder.

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