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Thread: My upgrading experience to HX

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    My upgrading experience to HX

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Like many of the forum readers here, I am 1 that mainly reads the loads of infomation around in the forum but hardly contributes. I have been using the Sunbeam EM6910 paired with 0480 grinder for over 2 years now and was hit by the upgraditis bug about 3-4 months back. I must say this forum provided me with a huge head start on this journey and certainly provided a huge amount of information and user opnion on machines that they have operated on.

    So 3 days ago, I made an appointment with Roger from Supreme Roasters from south Brisbane to have a look at a few machines that I have narrowed down with my "research" and paid him a visit the following day. To cut the long story short, I ended up with a VBM junior and Compak K3T grinder and walked out a happy customer.

    During the visit, which lasted 3 hours from 1pm till 4pm, Roger has not only answered all my questions but also shared his experience and his pasion with coffee. He went on explaining and even stripping down the machine to show me the internals. All this while, making shots after shots of short blacks, lattes from the different roast that he has in the warehouse and sharing his experience with coffee etc..

    I just want make use of CS to extend a great THANK YOU to Roger from Supreme Roasters for making my purchasing experience such a pleasant one. Despite the short notice for the appointment (overnight), you still managed to get the informations that I have requested. And lastly, thanks for all the coffees that you made for me and my wife during the visit. It tasted really great. Cant wait for my machine to be delivered and getting into it......

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    Re: My upgrading experience to HX

    Nice to hear your story, Tuna.

    Good buyer + good vendor = Fantastic results, every time!

    Nice choice of machine, too - youve joined a group of very happy VBM Junior owners :D

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    Re: My upgrading experience to HX

    hey tuna good to hear from you, keep us posted when you start making them at home and let people know if you think its worth the upgrade. I went from a single boiler machine to a HX and never looked back! congratulations

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    Re: My upgrading experience to HX

    Best wishes for a happy association with your new machine. It is always good to hear about an outstanding purchasing experience. You actually dont hear of many of these outside of the coffee world. I guess it has to do with the passion that goes with coffee.
    It is also good to hear that Brisbane is starting to emerge on the scene as a place where it is now possible to buy a variety of top brand machines and have them serviced there as well.
    Youve bought an HX so you obviously knock out a few different types of coffees in a session?

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    Re: My upgrading experience to HX

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