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Thread: Wanted: info about second hand Boema for domestic use

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    Wanted: info about second hand Boema for domestic use

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    hi guys
    <be nice to me Im new here *;)>

    As the subject line says, Im looking for info re good condition second hand Boema machine.

    A bit of background - Im a "pro-sumer" so to speak but have never made a coffee before. Ive lived most of my adult life in St Kilda / Elwood which is just coffee heaven. With so many awesome barristas I never bothered to learn the ropes. *However we have decided to escape Melbourne weather and moved offshore to Vanuatu, a 3 hour flight from Brisbane. *Barristas here are local girls not very well trained, and the house we bought is an unsealed roads drive from the nearest cafe. So it looks like time for me to invest in a coffee machine and some lessons!

    I have been doing my research into different machines, automatics, manuals etc and then a mate pointed out something important: coffee machines need servicing and what brands can be serviced in Vanuatu? The answer: only Boema. *The local roaster, owner of "Tanna Coffee" (quite a good Arabian bean) is a Boema technician.

    I thought Boema only made huge industrial machines that I see in busy cafes but he tells me hes seen the odd domestic unit. *The current line up on the Boema website doesnt list any domestics though.

    My questions:

    • is there a Boema suitable for domestic use for a relative Newbie?
    • how would I go about buying a well loved second hand one? * *I did see a cheap one on eBay but Id rather know more about its service history etc. Hence why Im asking here, as I was told "coffee snobs look after their machines!"

    Im heading back to Melbourne and Brisbane / Gold coast in late October in order to buy and ship stuff so anything located around those areas would be easiest.

    Thanks for any info and advice.

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    Re: Wanted: info about second hand Boema for domestic use

    Gday Simon and welcome.

    Bottom line....youre crazy :) to go into buying anything used and intangible as in off internet "auction" sites. Youve just told us you dont know how to use a machine...let alone go buying someone elses second hand problems. Not trying to be offensive...helpful actually *:)

    Forget the "bargains"(?) people reckon they get off websites...theyre *only good to people that know what they are looking at, & have the capability to recondition as necessary and find & replace parts needed.

    I suggest you contact Bo_Ema direct. They do have small volume commercial 1 group machines with a tank in the body although they are not common, and you never know they may have something used in stock that they will GUARANTEE is complete and working so that you can take it from there. They may even put the sale through their Vanuatu agent so he can guarantee and service for will never *;)ever know if you never ever ask!

    The other way of course, is to buy a new machine to suit your needs from the multitude of machines available (including mine) simply making sure the KISS principle applies. Your Boema techi in Vanuatu shouldnt have a problem if he can work (successfully) on a Boema.

    That of course opens a can of worms for you because it will start a round of so called "research" that will make your head spin until the final decision is made. And if you buy a new should be way ahead of a used machine in the reliability and serviceability stakes for a long time to come. *

    Hope this helps and good luck.

    very first CS ste sponsor.

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    Re: Wanted: info about second hand Boema for domestic use

    Hi there,
    I thought it would be worth sharing my Boema experience.
    Im also a relative newbie to this whole coffee thing. I did spend my Uni days working in an Italian owned cafe and was able to learn how to make coffee the Italian way from the owner but other than that, regarding machines I dont really know that much. What I do know is that more money spent doesnt equal a better machine.
    What was important to me was to buy an Australian made machine that had a low embodied energy, as well as an older machine that was solid and had simple internals. For this reason, I really wanted a single group Boema and I was lucky enough to find one locally on Eb@y. It came out of a bakery so despite being around 15 years old it was regularly serviced and had minimal use. This particular machine still sells for over $2500 new and I picked it up for $500 and itís the best decision Ive ever made! advice is to go for it! Boema seems to have great support and parts are readily available and youre supporting an Australian company.
    Good Luck

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