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Thread: Thanks for Service

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    Thanks for Service

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Just to say thankyou to the guys (and gals) at Di Bortoli (a site sponsor) who helped me out brilliantly over the weekend.
    I purchased a Minore Expobar from them three+ years ago, and it went Phut last week. As I live a long way from anywhere, service might have been a problem.
    But Di Bortoli arranged a 24 hour turn round for me, at one days notice, coinciding with a rare trip to Sydney.
    Thanks heaps, and strongly recommended.


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    Re: Thanks for Service

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the great feedback and the kind words. It was lovely seeing you again and always a pleasure helping out a CS member in a desperate caffeine need... :)

    Ofra & Renzo

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    Re: Thanks for Service

    Given the help Renzo offered me with my Bz99 which I didnt even buy from him... this doesnt seem surprising to me at all. Well done.

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    Re: Thanks for Service

    I would just like to add another "thank you" to Renzo at Di Bartoli. My wife and I visited the store this morning (13/8) and we got setup with a Isomac Tea Duo & Rancilio Rocky package.

    Renzo took the time to make sure that the machine and the grinder was calibrated and working properly and were coming back for training in two weeks.

    The coffeesnobs community has helped us to make the right decision and also to understand the different factors involved - the very best use of the internet :)

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