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Thread: Cimbali Junior Rebuild

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    Cimbali Junior Rebuild

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    I have been going through the rebuild of my Cimbali Junior. Its an older d/1 which was getting close to the end of its "use by".
    I thought that I had taken enough photos to use as a reference for the rebuild but I am now against the wall.
    The Gicar Controller has 9 connections one of which is marked "G". I assume that the "G" is a ground connection.
    My question is .....
    Is this a ground connection for the control box only.
    The machine is generaly built like battle ship, the wiring throughout is pretty good. Each component is well earthed in the appropriate green and yellow striped cable.
    This "G" connection to the controller is a black cable with an "eye tag" at the other end.
    Could this connection have been earthed to the main frame of the machine and be common to all other "earth" connections ?

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    Re: Cimbali Junior Rebuild

    Here are some photos of the rebuild.

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    Re: Cimbali Junior Rebuild

    sorry i cant answer you question but... fire engine red, i like it :)

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    Re: Cimbali Junior Rebuild

    Was your question about the ground ever answered? I just completed the rebuild on an older Jr but is is 110 volt for the US. I am not sure that the grounding is the same but would be happy to trace G1 and tell you its terminal point. You can also find copies of the manuals with the wiring schematics on Home, just search La Cimbali Jr, manual Dan posted manuals for the M21 and the older machines like ours.

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