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Thread: saeco exprelia problem

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    saeco exprelia problem

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    Hi, got given a saeco exprelia for my birthday.* Now I cantt clear a close hopper doormessage..door is closed, no trapped beans all clean.* Turned off and on but still the same message?? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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    Re: saeco exprelia problem

    Only advice I can give you is to turn it off for half an hour or so, turn it back on and try and clean it.

    My Saeco deluxe use to do that and that seemed to work.

    Good luck. :)


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    Re: saeco exprelia problem

    Thanks for your help Linda. Due to the close hopper door message it wont let me do anything. Looks like it is off for a service and ill have to have a coffee bag eeek :(

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    Re: saeco exprelia problem

    probably just a faulty switch... you could probably fix it yourself

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