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Thread: recommendations??

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    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi there,
    hope if Im posting in the right area, but I figure Ill get it move if its not.
    Need some advice on an almost commercial machine to buy.
    Ive been a barista since for about 15 years, and have pretty much only ever worked on commercial machines. At home we had a little, fairly reliable krups that prduced a reasonable coffee for its time, but I refused to use it as i was too impatient with its slow domestic ways (ewww-the milk steaming).
    Weve run a coffee van for a few years now, so our 2 group commercial machine is at our beck and call in our garage. Thats been our home coffee machine!
    But, were thinking of selling the van and therefore our coffee supply is about to go.
    I just dont have much knowledge in the home machine department and having a baby means I cannot be bothered fluffing around with traipsing out and trialling hundreds of machines. My (long winded) question is - what almost commercial machine do people who have actually used more than a few machines recommend? Probably no more than $2.5k-$3k.
    We were looking at the one group Wega (we think its just that touch too pricey), so space clearly isnt an issue.
    Ive heard mention of the Isomac and the Minore...Am interested in some serious coffee nerd feedback.
    Thanks in anticipation.

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    Re: recommendations??

    Add the Vibiemme Double Domobar to the wish list.
    Dual boiler, PID brew boiler temperature control, rotary pump, plumbed water and waste.

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    Re: recommendations??

    Which one would you rate highest?

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    Re: recommendations??

    Hi Genie,

    There are a number of excellent machines in this range- Rocket, Expobar, Gruppo Izzo, LaSpaziale, VBM, Diadema...

    Its really the differences between them rather than can they produce excellent coffee...

    Find a supplier who knows their gear and will tell you what they dont like about each machine and then choose the one that most closely meets your requirements. The perfect machine is yet to be produced and differs for each purchaser anyway. ;)

    Id suggest you chat with a few sponsors, including those close to you. Let us know how you go.


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