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Thread: Change programming

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    Change programming

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    Hi there
    Just got a coffee machine. Unsure of the brand but apparently made by the San Mareno mob. Looks like San Mareno and the programming buttons do also. We have just tried programming however made a boo boo. Need to change the programming but we cant figure out how to change and try again once programmed. Is this making any sense? Can anyone help.

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    Re: Change programming

    Youll need to provide more information.
    Is there a model number or name anywhere on the machine?
    Did it come with any paperwork at all?
    Is it new or 2nd hand?
    Is it possible to post a picture?
    San Marino make a number of different models, so a generic answer is not really possible here.

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    Re: Change programming

    Welcome to CS.

    Yes you are making sense. Call the importer of San Marino esp machines or their service agent in your state of residence and ask them how to programme the machine. They may send you a photocopy of the appropriate page in the booklet.....or, they may not, but its a start. They will need you to identify the model.

    Depending on the model, it may programme straight off the touch pad, or there may be a switch somewhere that needs to be tripped before the thing will let you get into programming mode etc. Or there may be computer keys involved I dont know the specifics.

    Remember, describing these things in forums means someone has to spend a goodly bit of time explaining stuff that may not in the end be relevent to your model, and of course time is precious. :).

    So first up, find out what the model is or no one can help.


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    Re: Change programming

    Most machines made by CMA use the same method of programming regardless of the actual brand name on the front. Older machines usually have a little toggle switch hidden up at the top right hand corner of the front panel that sits to the rear of the drip tray, sometimes it is reachable from underneath, sometimes you have to take the top panel off to reach it. Switched to the left is programming mode.
    Newer models have a keyswitch on the front somewhere (location depends on brand & model).

    Once in programming mode, use the right hand touchpad (this is the master, settings programmed on this one transfer to the rest). Press and hold the STOP button until all the lights on the touchpad come on. San Marinos usually light up straight away, on some Wegas and Astorias you have to hold the button down for quite a while (10+ secs). If you leave it sitting like this for long enough it times out of programming and you have to re-press the STOP button to get back into programming.
    Program each button by making a coffee with it and stopping it when the amount is what you want - as each button is programmed its light goes out to tell you youve set it, but you can still re-program a button even if its light is now out. It only gets confusing if you have set all the buttons but want to re-do one, since pressing the STOP button does bring up the programming, but you cant tell for sure since the lights are now not on. What you do then is flip the toggle switch back, turn the machine off for a moment, turn it back on and flip the toggle switch into program mode and hit the right hand STOP button again. The buttons should now all light up.

    I wouldnt worry too much about getting a manual for the machine - Ive set up too many machines where the directions in the manual dont even vaguely resemble the actual setup procedure for the machine. Most of the time you can experiment and work out the programming method without a manual, even on a machine youve never seen before.

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    Re: Change programming

    Thanks so much. Looks like turning the machine off helped and I could reprogram.

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