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Thread: What $2500-$3000 traditional is recommended?

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    What $2500-$3000 traditional is recommended?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi All,

    I love my coffee and have worked a bit as a barista. I have around $2500 to $3000 to spend on a machine, plus $700-$800 to spend on a grinder. Ive picked out a grinder, but need advice on the machine.

    I want something shiny and suitable for a home kitchen, pressure gauges are good. I dont want the bulky commercials Ive worked with in cafes.

    What would be the top 3 machine recommendations?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: What $2500-$3000 traditional is recommended?

    Gday headingwest,

    Your question is frequently asked and is difficult to answer as there is no one "best" combo.

    Owners will suggest you buy what they have and some vendors will push a particular line- for whatever reason.

    What I usually suggest is that a prospective client choose a few machines they like- and then I tell them what I dont like about each of them ;)

    The perfect machine for you will be the one which ticks as many of your "wants" within your budget and with the good gear, it really comes down to nuances- so its a personal decision.

    My recommendation is that you approach a few sponsors with your list and see what feedback you receive. This will assist you to make the right choice for you. If you can manage to visit a sponsor for a demo and a chat, thats better still.

    Please feel most welcome to call for a chat if youd like.



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    Re: What $2500-$3000 traditional is recommended?

    Which grinder have you chosen?

    I think everyone will have a different top 3.* You would have to start with a top 10 (or more) and then take Chris advice.

    In that price range there are no bad machines, but then again there are no perfect machines at any price range.

    Look at the offerings by brands such as Bezzera, Diadema, Vibiemme, Rocket, Diadema, Izzo, Wega, Expobar and Isomac.

    Just make sure you buy from someone who bench tests the machine!!!

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    Re: What $2500-$3000 traditional is recommended?

    Mazzer mini of course!!

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    Re: What $2500-$3000 traditional is recommended?

    Popular benchmark machines in the price range are:
    VBM Domobar Super = most powerful
    Rocket Giotto Premium = shiniest
    Expobar Minore = most adjustability
    (not a scientific analysis, just IMO)

    Youll find styling & "handling" is the biggest difference between machines in this price range - there are no "negatives." Some have extra features like "double boilers" (minore) or "PID" (accurate temp control) but these are possibly a bit gimmicky/uncessary- some people love having them though!

    But whatever you get, make sure theres someone in your area who can service it every few years or so. Oh yeah, and bench testing is very useful.

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