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Thread: Giotto machine broke, where to repair in Melbourne?

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    Giotto machine broke, where to repair in Melbourne?

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    I have a giotto coffee machine, cant see a model on it, it is basically the chrome square box model with just a lever and guage. A very solid unit. It has been working flawlessly for 3 years, but has finally malfunctioned.

    When I turn it on, nothing happens. I took the case off and it has a voltage going to the pump. Im not sure what the problem is, it is not heating up or doing anything at all when turned on, even the light will not illuminate.

    Any ideas on what the problem could be? Im pretty handy in replacing components so any advice would be great. Also is there a fuse in the unit? I failed to find one.

    If i can not fix it, where in Melbounre would be a good place to have it repaired?

    Thanks for your advice

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    Re: Giotto machine broke, where to repair in Melbourne?

    Hello e32lover

    If youre lucky, it could be an overtemp cutout or an element, but its most likely the element relay which is a component on the control board. Seems youre proficient with a multimeter, so with the machine unpowered, check the element for resistance and reset the thermal cutout on top of the boiler. If you have no success, then its the board.

    If it is the board, it will probably need a partial rewire as there are some differences.

    We can do the job for you as can 9Bar Espresso services.The job takes 1/2 hour or so and if nothing else substantial is required, we do it same day.

    Hope that helps ;)


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