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Thread: Newbie - Machine Question

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    Newbie - Machine Question

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi There -

    Im wondering if there is a comprehensive website that has a gallery of a wide selection of machines at this end of the spectrum? (sifting through message boards aside)

    Ive been reading here for some time, and feel completely overwhelmed with selection, but looking to buy a mazzer mini and spending around $3k for a machine. I have a home office (2 of us) so would anticipate to make about 5 milk based coffees a day + more on the weekends.

    The lovely Ray from Genovese first showed me how to make a coffee back in the very early 90s when I worked in hospitality - but am somewhat rusty so would be interested in some training too..

    Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Newbie - Machine Question


    If you have been reading here for a while youll know the standard advice is to drop into your nearest sponsor and have them talk you through and demonstrate the options. It is standard for a reason - it is very good advice, not only to see the machines in the flesh but also as much hands on training as you need.

    Talk Coffee and/or Genovese would be in your neck of the woods?

    When you do, Id imagine they will say if you are spending 3k on a machine something a bit better than a Mazzer Mini would be a better match (even if you cut your machine budget down a bit to allow more for a grinder.

    I can tell you I am VERY happy with my Bezzera Strega and Malkonig Vario combo! :)

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