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Thread: Wiring or controll box?

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    Wiring or controll box?

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    My Brugnetti Viola has been having issues for a while and following Murphys Law when I took it in to the service centre it showed no sign of the issue so I took it home with no answers. The problem is the the pump not initiating when it should or cutting out when the group is pouring. I know it is hard to know without seeing the machine and the issue but are intermittent problems gererally caused by a wiring fault or control box?

    All other issues that I know of and the service people have said have been checked


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    Re: Wiring or controll box?

    DO NOT DO ANYTHING WHILST THE POWER IS CONNECTED>* Pull the plug and then check the following - Whilst I have limited experience with coffee machines (working on them),* I once worked on electronic equipment.* *I would suggest that there may be a dry solder joint or earth problem.* Check your soldered joints if they look bright and shiney they should be OK but if they look dull/grey they may need re-soldering.* Check the earth wires and their connection to the frame.* *If they are not loose check for corrosion between the connector and the frame.* Any of these can cause intermitten faults.* They are also cheaper to fix than a control box.* :)

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    Re: Wiring or controll box?

    They are allot cheaper, thanks Stan that sounds like a job for tonight hopefully Ill be sipping a short mac for my next post :)

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