I recently bought a older Bezzera w/no nameplate.* It looks much the same as the "Minibar" discussed on other posts but has a keypad, spring-loaded steam/water valves and a rotary pump.* It was stored in a garage for years and is essentially unused.* I got it to run and heat up but I need help with some questions:
1-There is no flow meter.* How can the automatic feature function without one?
2-Does anyone have any idea where I can get a manual?* [I have pdf manual for BZ35 which is similar]
3-The dispersion plate/shower screen seems to enter much deeper into the portafilter/coffee filter than what I am used to.* I use a Rancilio portafilter in my other machine. I fill filter to top, scrape flat, tamp and lock it in.* I tried doing this with the Bezzera and no go.* Had to leave basket partially empty.* Not enough coffee to produce good shot.*
4-I need to get a steam wand.* Any suggestions for parts? I havent seen any spring-loaded valves in any manuals, etc. The attachment is on the side of steam tap not on bottom as most.
I would appreciate hearing anything that may be offered.* Thanks.