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Thread: La San Marco 85E - any opinions?

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    La San Marco 85E - any opinions?

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    Hi folks

    Does anybody have an opinion on the La San Marco 85E? Thinking of buying one but dont know much about the brand.



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    Re: La San Marco 85E - any opinions?

    saw this on evilbay.

    Pretty sure this should either be in the $1500-$3000 or $3000+ category. You might get more responses in those sections

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    Re: La San Marco 85E - any opinions?


    The La San Marco importer is Segafredo coffee, they used to supply or sell this machines with there coffee accounts. Pedro from coffee parts have some parts for this machines. If you are going to pay more than $2000 for that machine I will probably get a small machine for that money but new wand with warranty.

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