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Thread: Filtered Water, how important?

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    Filtered Water, how important?

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    Hi, I live in Sydney and in the 4 years Ive lived in my house there has never been limescale in my kettle. Now that Im the proud owner of an Expobar Office Leva, I was wondering if I should be using filtered water? or is that fact that I dont get limescale in the kettle enough to not bother? Interested in peoples thoughts. I dont own a water filter but if there is a compelling case I would consider buying one just for this. I swear I read somewhere here that there is a FAQ section on this but I cant find FAQs anywhere!


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    Re: Filtered Water, how important?

    Use a quality filtered water system
    Look at the products from Bombora or Everpure


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    Re: Filtered Water, how important?

    Firstly, a water filter wont prevent scale buildup. There are scale inhibiting filters, but your average britta water filter doesnt inhibit scale.

    Secondly, for a case in point, I changed the water filter in the coffee cart I run on weekends for the first time since buying it 5 months ago (shoulda been the first thing I did, I know) and the difference in the taste of the shots was instant and remarkably noticeable.

    Bottom line, get a water filter for awesome shots, descale every 12 months or so and dont lose sleep over it.

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    Re: Filtered Water, how important?

    Hi turrican,

    To find the FAQ on water youll need to Google "Jim Schulmans Insanely Long Water FAQ". ;D

    Whether you need a filter depends on YOUR water. Given that your kettle shows no scaling after 4 years Id say a softener & filter arent a great necessity but the only way to know is to buy a water test kit (usually available at aquarium shops) and check the results with the recommended numbers.

    Unfortunately, as you read Jims FAQ, you will realise that the best coffee taste and the best for the machine are not the same. :(

    After that, its up to you. I can highly recommend Bombora for information on filters & softeners, and the purchase of same.


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    Re: Filtered Water, how important?

    Great info thanks. Ill buy a test kit and go from there. On another note is it necessary to have my machine serviced? If so, any recommendations on how often and where? Im in the northern beaches. I do back flush regularly and chemical clean about once a month depending on usage.


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    Re: Filtered Water, how important?

    Quote Originally Posted by 3C3D3A3A212B2926480 link=1278799095/4#4 date=1278822255
    On another note is it necessary to have my machine serviced? *
    I say yes and recommend annually.
    Having seen the inside of mine at its first service after a couple of years of use, I think its a good idea to let a professional give it a once over regularly.

    There are a few site sponsors to the south of you that could do a service.

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