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Thread: Jura S9 - using my own ground coffee?

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    Jura S9 - using my own ground coffee?

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    Hi Everyone

    Wow, what a great forum. I have been lurking for a while, got the Breville Grinder mod from here and many other great tips.

    I am at a new job, they have a JURA Impressa S9 machine. But the coffee they use it terrible. Hardly anyone in the office uses it, but the few who do, dont want the beans changed. I have read that this machine is able to take external ground coffee and bypasses the beans in the hold?

    I have tried to find the manual, but no luck... can anyone advise how to make this machine use my own ground coffee? I know where to place the coffee but not what buttons to press..?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Re: Jura S9 - using my own ground coffee?

    Substitute the beans... look to see if anyone notices!

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    Re: Jura S9 - using my own ground coffee?

    Try emailing QCMS or another sponsor from over there <------ that sells Jura machines. They might help you out and send you a PDF manual.

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    Re: Jura S9 - using my own ground coffee?

    Welcome to CS *:)

    a) How do you know the coffee they use is terrible? It could be the machine is not set up properly ie proper grind & dose settings (just like with any manual machine this has to be correct for the particular beans to suit the particular machine).

    b) Look for the button with a symbol that shows a "coffee doser spoon". The symbol could be on an angle with "dots" falling from it...indicating grinds falling out of the spoon. *Press this button first to disarm the function of the grinder for the next coffee selection, then make a selection by pushing one of the coffee making buttons. The machine will use the grinds you have placed in the appropriate shute, instead of the beans, for the next coffee.

    c) Be aware this may also not make very good coffee if your own coffee is not ground correctly to suit the machine. You may need to undergo some trial and error to find the right grind ( just as with any coffee machine).

    d) Substituting your own beans for the ones normally used by the office may also not give a good result for the same reason ie, settings may not be right and / or may need to be reset to suit your beans for this machine.

    Good luck *;)

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    Re: Jura S9 - using my own ground coffee?

    Hi - thanks for the replies.

    I am a novice, so bear with me..

    I only say the beans are bad from trying to make a coffee on the Jura - it is really bad tasting, like airline coffee. I personally love Aroma coffee and The Coffee Club coffee, and was hoping to try these grinds in the Jura.

    I hear you when you say it may be the machine settings.. maybe I need to spend an afternoon with it, but dont think the boss would be real keen on that idea. I seem to have found a manual so maybe when it is not busy I can read thru and test..

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