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Thread: New Giotto Premium Plus and Mazzer Mini

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    New Giotto Premium Plus and Mazzer Mini

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Upgradeitis hit sooner than expected.

    After a 2.5 year association with a Sunbeam EM6910/480 combo the extended warranty people called it a day when the circuit board of the 6910 died one week after they replaced a group collar...I could have a new 6910 or a cash settlement. I took the cash!

    I had decided an HX was for me and phoned Chris at Talk Coffee late in the afternoon in Perth but early evening in Melbourne. Chris patiently answered my questions and provided advice. I decided on a Giotto Premium Plus and Mazzer Mini. Got a great deal... thanks Chris *:) 8-)

    One week later *the goods arrived. The GPP is built like a tank and the Mazzer produces nice even grounds and is a lot quiter than its predecessor.

    Experimenting with the grind/dose/tamp to get it how I like. Just produdced a very nice brew using the Urban Blend supplied by Chris.

    Pic 1 shows the new gear as it was delivered. Securely wrapped on its own skid. Looks like Chris walked it across the road rather than a week crossing the Nullabor by truck. *

    Pic 2 is it setup on my kitchen bench. Looks great with its green light staring back.[img][/img]

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    Re: New Giotto Premium Plus and Mazzer Mini

    Quote Originally Posted by 062E2A2531092E2A25314B0 link=1283340269/3#3 date=1283350156
    Pic 1 (reduced)
    [img]My DocumentsMy PicturesNew Coffee KitIMG_7263.JPG[/img]
    Pure coffee p0rn was what that link led too. *Opps " My Documents/\/My Pictures/\/New Coffee Kit/\/IMG_7263.JPG" *is my local drive..

    Hey MeanzBeanz... *Choose the file vi the option, but do not preview.

    Or if ya want to here is a good host or two.


    Postimage is the preferred hosting site that I use on another forum as the images can be quickly downloaded for users without broadband.

    It shows a decent sized thumbnail on the page and then users can click on the image to enlarge it to full size if needed. *Thus the forum allows larger size photos if hosted from postimage.. * CS may also catch onto it as well, but at present one can only post teh url etc which is not fully sported on this forum as yet...

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    Re: New Giotto Premium Plus and Mazzer Mini

    Thanks for the advice on attachments...fingers crossed.

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    Re: New Giotto Premium Plus and Mazzer Mini

    Mmmm, lovely combo Meanz... 8-)

    I see youve got some of Chriss coffee too, another Mmmm for those - beautiful coffee.

    If any combo is capable of delivering God Shots on a mere whim, day-in and day-out, this is definitely one of them. Congratulations mate..... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]


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