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Thread: Bezzera BZ07 PM, Vs, Isomac Tea, new model

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    Bezzera BZ07 PM, Vs, Isomac Tea, new model

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi guys,
    Im in the market for a new machine. After using a Sunbeam for the last 5-6 years (not even a cafe series), im very keen to upgrade to something a little more...well, something that kinda kicks ass over a sunbeam really! So i kinda been checking out the Isomac Tea, and Bezzera BZ07 PM. *Things come into play, like push button (Bezzera) compared to lever action (Tea) for the pour, and lever steam/water (Bezzera) :D, compared to tap style knobs (Tea)

    Another concern is the E61 grouphead compared to the E61 like head on the Bezerra, (which is better?)

    Sorry for the long winded question, but im kinda fussy when it comes to a good coffee, All help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Re: Bezzera BZ07 PM, Vs, Isomac Tea, new model

    Welcome to CS "thejudge".

    Update your profile so we can see where you are located.

    The best advice I can give is to contacrt a CS sponsor near you (they are listed<), if possible, and get your hands on some of their wares that will suit your taste and budget. CS sponsors provide more than a box and not only do they support this site but they provide excellent before and after sales advice.

    The machines you mentioned will all do a great job when paired with a quality grinder and fresh beans.

    I recently upgraded from a Sunbeam cafe series machine and grinder to a Giotto PP HX machine and Mazzer grinder with the help of Chris from Talk Coffee and couldnt be happier.

    Good luck and keep posting your journey.

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    Re: Bezzera BZ07 PM, Vs, Isomac Tea, new model

    The Bezzera BZ07 does not have an E61 Group head
    The head is electronically heated and is similar to a commercial type group head

    The rolled panels and assembly is a work of art
    Easy to use with practice
    Ample steam

    With the Tea E61
    I have had limited hands on experience with it but with a good routine its an easy machine to master

    They are both capable machines in the right hands


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