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    Fully Automatic Machines...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hey Snobbers,
    anyone got a recommendation for a good fully auto coffee machine (i mean one where you just press a button and it grinds, and pours both espresso and milk) for a mate who works in an office?
    he really wants to stear clear of the manual ones.


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    Re: Fully Automatic Machines...

    Hi Joel,

    This question has been asked here many times and the answers are generally pretty much the same..

    Use the quick search >>>>>^^^^^ on the term fully auto or superauto and you will find it returns a heap of threads.

    My opinion is that the best superauto is to pay your chosen barista ;)


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    Re: Fully Automatic Machines...

    Does your mate have $3000 or more to spend, cos thats about what he will need to get a good superauto, meaning one that will last a while, if it is looked after, and be capable of reasonable drinks. Mostly Jura is the preferred choice, but not the only one, if you talk to sponsors they can help with other suitable makes.
    But it will never be as capable as a Silvia/Lelit or 6910 all of which can be had for much less...

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