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Thread: Rocket Giotto User guide

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    Rocket Giotto User guide

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hot out of the cutting room and again starring Scottie.

    ECA has added to their training DVDS and there is now a set for the Giotto as well as the VBM Domobar.

    All the good stuff can be found at


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    Re: Rocket Giotto User guide

    aaah yep, I posted this here:

    I suppose this is a better section, however of course, as we know, the vids arent just Giotto specific and brilliant for anyone wanting to know and learn about making espresso.

    The quality of the videos is brilliant, Scottie has great advice from finding a local roastery who offer you advice and have fresh beans, to espresso technique. I love his focus on grind and dose, he keeps it simple and absolutely dummy-proof.

    Highly recommended not just for potential (or already) Giotto owners!!! (hence I posted this in the general section)

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    Re: Rocket Giotto User guide

    Some really good dosing tips IMHO and I didnt realise about the slow pour of the milk I just thought you had to do it at a height then bring it in close. Obvious really* :P

    Off topic I use a no. 3 dosing tool on my giotto which provides the desired outcome in these vids. :)

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    Re: Rocket Giotto User guide

    I wonder if shower screens are at different levels on different Giottos? If I dosed like this and tamped to the same level Scottie does on his RB tamper a 5 cent piece would be buried deep in the pre extraction puck.

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