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Thread: La Nuova Era Cuadra

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    La Nuova Era Cuadra

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Been lurking on the website for about a month and thought I would shout out and say hi and talk of my experience thus far.

    I recently upgraded from a Breville grinder and coffee machine which at first did an OK job but after only 6 months pretty much shot out crappy watered down coffee.
    After 2 weeks of reading up I was about to take the plunge on a Rocky/sylvia combo... That was until I saw a near new La Nuova Era Cuadra on Gumtree. Within 10 mins I was at the sellers door. A bit of haggling and testing and I got him down to 1k cash. A massive risk in my eyes, but was fortunately lucky with no known issues thus far. 1 week later, i chucked the breville grinder out and picked up a Mahlkonig/Baratza Vario grinder.

    Holy crapola! What a massive difference a grinder can make! Still hunting for the God shot and some days I feel so close!

    I was wanting to ask everyone, did I get a good deal? Also what has everyone elses experience been with this machine?


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    Re: La Nuova Era Cuadra

    Hello Maxim and welcome,

    Try a quick search >>>^^^ on La Nuova Era Cuadra or Diamond Italia as there are already quite a few threads on this machine.

    Whether or not you got a good deal is somewhat academic now, no? ;)



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