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Thread: Rocket portafilter basket....

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    Rocket portafilter basket....

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    So Im now a proud owner of a rocket giotto and Ive been brewing some epic shots last couple of days.

    My problem is that I cant get the basket off the portafilter.... I tried it when I first got the machine and thought itd become easier somehow after a day or two of use... not the case.... Ive been using a small flat screw driver and honestly no matter how much force or leverage I use Icant get the thing off....

    Oh, and its both portafilters, the single and the double which makes me think Im doing something horribly wrong.....

    I had the Rancilio before this and I really never had any trouble getting the basket off that....

    So thanks for any help, I really want to blackflush my rocket some time soon.

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    Re: Rocket portafilter basket....

    Best bet is to place your thumb in the base of the blind filter and hold the portafilter at a 45 deg angle on a bench. Ise the lip (edge) of the blind to grab the edge of the installed basket and press firmly down. Voila!

    It will get better as the spring loosens...

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    Re: Rocket portafilter basket....

    Welcome to the Giotto. I have only had mine for 6 months and love it.

    I find a teaspoon ideal if you use the bowl part and rest it on the porta filter lug withe tip of the spoon under basket lip, then press down on the handle (of the spoon). Also works great for removing the shower screen if you turn the spoon face down and position it in the gaps where the lugs pass into the group head. Do a little on one side then change to the other side. My supplier showed this to me.

    Of course dont use you best spoons.

    Enjoy the new machine.

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    Re: Rocket portafilter basket....


    Tried both the methods, but only after slightly cutting my finger with the darn screw driver....... Geez.....

    Ive put the blind basket on the single portafilter, since I dont use it much so thatll pretty much make life a little easier for me in the future..... cant wait for my naked portafilter avoid some drama.....

    Shot quality instantly improved though, Ive never had a portafilter that oily ansd dirty without cleaning.... and only after 3 days.... so thanks again!!!

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