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Thread: I gave away a BZ99

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    I gave away a BZ99

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Before i knew anything about coffee, or developed an insatible desire for the perfect cup, I gave away a Berezza BZ99. It was in the family, and my in laws said i should sell it, I looked at at and promptly gave it to a dear friend :(
    Anyway now its fried and will cost $600 to return to working order, and i WANT it back >:(
    I know my freind knows its worth and wants to fix it but cannot afford too, soo I asked what about a cafe crema or a saeco odea giro for it then?
    the answer is no, but i wont give up!
    damn that hindsite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Re: I gave away a BZ99

    Maybe your best bet is to just hang out you know where and pick up one of the many working BZ99s that routinely go for around $600. Your friend has a non-functional BZ99 which is worth basically a little more than $0 on the open market.* ;D
    Or are you just annoyed because you were silly enough to give it away? Either way, let it go.

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    Re: I gave away a BZ99

    So you gave something away.....correct? Or did you lend it to someone? I just dont get it. If you gave it to someone and they accepted it, then whether it breaks or not it is their property. If it hadnt broken would you be comfortable asking for it back, having given it to a friend? Id be pretty p#$% if a friend asked for a gift back, but maybe Im misunderstanding the context here. Then again, if a friend gave me a good coffee machine for nothing, then it broke, I wouldnt ask them to fix it.

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    Re: I gave away a BZ99

    Congratulations on being a generous friend and giving away the 99.

    ps--You say you friend knows the value of a broken machine that he cant afford to fix and wont let go of? I suspect its worth less than nothing--just taking up space!

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    Re: I gave away a BZ99

    Why didnt you give it to me :)

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