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Thread: Upgrade advise sunbeam 6910 to ??

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    Upgrade advise sunbeam 6910 to ??

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi everyone currently have a 6910 sunbeam looking to go to the next level ,have been looking at the brevil bes900 or a entry level isomac or Giotto ,one that will last me 5 years or more ,prepared to spend up to $2000

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    Re: Upgrade advise sunbeam 6910 to ??

    Hi Tampaj, I did exactly that recently. I movers up from a EM6910 to a Breville BES900 and smart grinder combo and havent looked back!

    Any dual boiler/HX machine will be a huge leap forward to your EM6910. Bang for bucks its hard to go past the BES900.

    I hope this helps.

    Cheers Craig

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    Re: Upgrade advise sunbeam 6910 to ??

    Quote Originally Posted by 2324282A3226400 link=1337510076/1#1 date=1337638679
    Bang for bucks its hard to go past the BES900.
    While I havent used the combo, it sounds pretty good. However I went through 2 unsatisfactory BCG800s and hence got a refund.

    If I were you, Id go to the for sale section and buy this:

    You might balk at buying second hand, but these machines are built to last, the breville less so. The diadema/macap combo will give you far superior coffee to the bes/bcg combo, last longer, and be worth more as a percentage of your initial investment in 5 years time.
    Also, the diadema/macap combo will keep you happy for well over 5 years, where as even if the bes/bcg combo are still working (and it will be far less likely that they will) youll want to upgrade to something like the diadema/macap anyway.

    If you dont end up with the above linked combo, then id still recommend hanging out for a good quality (eg giotto, vbm, diadema etc) 2nd hand machine with a good quality (macap, mazzer, compak etc) 2nd hand grinder.

    All the best!

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    Re: Upgrade advise sunbeam 6910 to ??

    Quote Originally Posted by 4E757A73757671757A140 link=1337510076/0#0 date=1337510076
    one that will last me 5 years or more ,prepared to spend up to $2000
    Given this requirement I would steer clear of appliance manufacturers like Sunbeam and Breville and go for a dedicated espresso machine manufacturer. Id say, ECM/Rocket or Isomac are a much better long term bet. I cant say theyd make better coffee (but my biases lead to me to believe they probably would do so) but I can say they have more cred in the coffee world. (And I say this even though I know that Breville, in particular, do put a lot of thinking and research into their machines. They have a hell of a lot of functionality, but physically they just dont seem as solid as most of the dedicated espresso manufacturers prosumer machines).

    But once you go down the path Im recommending there are a whole heap of manufacturers to choose from, and Im sure you can get an excellent HX machine (and maybe even a double boiler) secondhand for $2000.

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    Re: Upgrade advise sunbeam 6910 to ??

    And when you go to semi commercial heat exchanger machines there are some really good ones around including our BFC (Diadema) Junior machines. Good prices, great performance.

    very first CS site sponsor.

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    I loved my 6910. I bought it as a repack from the Sunbeam Factory Shop for $300. The relationship truly blossomed when I bought a Mazza Mini grinder. Some might think that is like putting a $3000 set of tyres on a $1000 car, but I consider it a worthwhile investment. The consistency of my pours increased dramatically. The grinder made the whole process a lot more enjoyable and a lot less time consuming and wasteful. Selecting a quality grinder should be given equal consideration as that given to selecting a new machine that your going to put ground coffee into.

    I replaced my 6910 with a Rocket Giotto Evoluzione. I'm not going to sing its praises to justify the purchase. What I will say is buy the best you can within what you are prepared to spend. I didn't want to follow what seems to be a ritual passage from the EM6910/EM0480 to the Silvia/Rocky combo, and then upgrading again at some later stage. I was looking at a VBM, but I think the rotary pump in the Evo is worth the extra, but not everyone will agree. I also wanted a machine that I could hard plumb.

    Is the coffee coming from my Evo ten times (the machine cost ratio) as good as that coming from my old 6910? Of course not. It is more consistent though. I can steam milk a hell of a lot faster (the 6910 does a great job of it, but slowly), and I think the Evo might be 10X quieter than the Sunbeam. Look, the 6910 is a good machine capable of punching well above its weight. Did I mention that I loved mine? Unless moving to a machine with at very least a true e61 group head and a heat exchanger I'd buy another Sunbeam, and match it with a quality grinder.

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