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Thread: Recommendation: Proper storage techniques for machine and grinder...

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    Recommendation: Proper storage techniques for machine and grinder...

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    Hi fellow cs'ers,

    Going away in a month to the US for a secondment as part of work for 6 months. In this time the Giotto and Macap need to be stored away for the 6 months. Just wondering if there's anything I should do? empty the boiler and tank? or have someone flush it every so often?

    Any tips and guidance would be appreciated.


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    Not many replies!
    I put my Silvia into retirement and it revived okay.
    Do a thorough clean, fill the boiler with fresh soft water. Not distilled water (corrosive) not hard water if you can avoid it.
    If you drain it all the seals and scale may dry out and cause problems later.
    Clean all the grinds out of the grinder.
    This worked for me. But I am not an expert.

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