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Thread: Drinks fridge

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    Drinks fridge

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    I have a mobile coffee van that also has a display fridge for other drinks. Every time I drive they all fall over. Does anyone have any idea on partitions or anything for my drinks as fallen over drinks don't look very good to sell

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    What about the cardboard partitions that come in some boxes of wine? They allow 750ml bottles to be laid flat, with each alternate bottle head to toe.

    This is going to sound ridiculous but, there was a product on Dragon's Den that was designed to allow people to stack beer bottles within a normal fridge, it was called the Rackastacka or idea whether they are commercially available.

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    If its cans there are wire rack dispensers for them where the cans lay on their sides and roll to the front as one is removed. I've seen them in a variety of depths and heights for holding anywhere from 6 to 24 cans.

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    Thanks, I id see the can holders and I will get some but I am also having trouble with juice boxes and bottled water. I will try the caravan shop. Thanks for all the great ideas

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