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Thread: Vibiemme Piccolo steam arm snapped off

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    Vibiemme Piccolo steam arm snapped off

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    The steam arm snapped off today. I noticed yesterday that there were little pin size holes on the side where the steam was escaping from. I moved the arm today and it snapped off in my hand. So what should I do now? Should I have it repaired by a professional or by the part and try to do it myself or hubby is it easy to do?

    I spoke to a repairer and they said it could take 5-10 days (too long without my machine) as they will have to order the part.

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    G'day ec,

    Just call site sponsor Espresso Company Australia.

    The part is bolt on, bolt off- so should be a 5 min fix for your partner.

    Good luck!


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    Where are you based ?
    If you can find the part ( Email some of the sponsors on here ) , it will probably take 5-10 mins to fit it. !

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    Quick question regarding the VBM piccolo steam arm...

    Can it be replaced with a ball jointed arm from another machine..... preferably with dual wall wand


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