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Thread: Isomac Tea Due or Rocket Giotto Premium ?

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    Isomac Tea Due or Rocket Giotto Premium ?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi All,

    I am looking at two semi automatic coffee machines, the Isomac tea Due and the Rocket Giotto Premium and both look great, though the Isomac is a fair bit cheaper. I would like to ask those who know, are there any great diferences in performance for a novice? Does one out perform the other by any significant margin?

    I appreciate any comments that may help.

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    I have the Isomac and love it. I get consistent shots all the time. Plenty of steam. Could do with a bigger water resovour but it's not that much of a hassel.
    Can't comment on the other one so I'm sure you would be happy with either!

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    Isomac owner here.
    Im sure you would be more than satisfied with either one, but one thing i have noticed on the Isomac is that every component is either copper, brass or stainless ( with a few silicon tubes. Unlike some machine's that have a coated steel frame, there is not one piece of painted steel, with the frame and every nut bolt, screw and washer is stainless too.
    It may not be the ultimate in fine craftsmanship, but it is certainly durable and built to last.

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    Thank you both for your replies. My wife makes most of the coffee's and prefers push buttons so i ended up buying a Nuova Simonelli Musica. Personally I would ahve preferred either the Isomac or the Rocket Giotto, though apparently the Musica pulls a very nice shot too nd the purchase price we got was to good to pass as we got 45% off RRP. I'll let you know how is performs once we receive delivery and have it all set up.

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