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Thread: La Carimal Lever machine

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    La Carimal Lever machine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I just picked up this Carimali Lever machine yesterday. I have been wanting a lever ever since i stupidly sold my Vintage Bezzera Lever five years ago.
    The one unlucky part of this find is that on the compliance sticker/plate the model name/number has a scratch through it right where they list the model so i cant read it. Does anyone know what model this is and if it is a HX or dipper? The guy selling it was selling it for a mate and didnt have any info, other than that it needs to be plumbed. I was thinking about looking into a flojet pump to run this, can anyone see any problems with that?

    Its by far the best condition machine I have ever bought (and the most expensive) but after a general look around everything seems to be pretty clean and tidy. The portafilers show almost no signs of wear and everything looks like its lead a very sheltered life.
    I must admit i was so excited last night when i got it home it took ages to be able to tear myself away from looking at it and go off to bed.
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    No idea on the model, sorry, but it looks like a whole heap of fun.

    looks like a dipper tube so a flo-jet or similar setup should work fine, but you'd probably want to run it plumbed in first to test the operation of the manual fill / non-return valve / sight glass (is that a sightglass on the lhs front panel?), that is if you're not planning on tearing it apart. Can't see an anti-vac valve either which would be a worthwhile addition (t-piece off the safety valve maybe), seeing as that's a big boiler for 2000W and will take forever to come up to temp.

    I'm curious, what had to go before it was allowed in the house?

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    Hey Rick, the collection is intact, I just had to promise It would find a home somewhere while I am still working on the La Dorio. Currently it is sitting by the front door awaiting a trip to my parents house where it will have to live until my current projects are finished. I do want to pull a shot or two on it before it gets put into storage though. I just need a group seal and a shower screen and i will be able to give it a go.
    Yes there is a sight glass on the left, its kind of interesting the way it sits out in front of the front panel. Its a bit dirty and will need a clean.

    I did some more searching on the internet and found what looks like a similar machine - a Carimali A. but if there's one thing i've learnt since getting into coffee restoration just because you know the model doesnt mean this particular one isnt some variation to the standard.
    I dont think this machine is going to require a complete tear down (thankfully) just a light clean and grease

    I will post some more info once i can find it.

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